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    Neutrik NAC3FCA

    Lockable cable connector, power-in, screw terminals, blue

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    Neutrik NAC3FCA Neutrik NAC3FCA


    Neutrik NAC3MX-W-TOP

    Locking male cable connector, screw terminals

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    Neutrik NAC3MX-W-TOP Neutrik NAC3MX-W-TOP


    Neutrik NE8FDP

    RJ45 feedthrough receptacle, D-shape metal flange with the latch lock, mounting screws included

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    Neutrik NE8FDP Neutrik NE8FDP


    Neutrik SCNAC-MPX

    The rubber sealing cover protects the powerCON TRUE1 male chassis connector NAC3MPX from dust and water according to protection class IP65.

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    Neutrik SCNAC-MPX Neutrik SCNAC-MPX

    Product Promotion

    Neutrik NE8MX-TOP Neutrik NE8MX-TOP

    Neutrik NE8MX-TOP

    Cable connector carrier consists of a velour chromiuim shell, chuck and boot. The boot is suitable for cable diameters from 5 - 8 mm.

    Neutrik NC3FX-TOP Neutrik NC3FX-TOP

    Neutrik NC3FX-TOP

    3 pole female cable connector, TRUE OUTDOOR PROTECTION (TOP), gold contacts

    Neutrik NE8FDV-TOP Neutrik NE8FDV-TOP

    Neutrik NE8FDV-TOP

    Vertical PCB panel mount RJ45 receptacle, combined with sealing kit SE8FD-TOP, max. panel thickness 4 mm, mounting screws included.

    Neutrik NC5FDX-TOP Neutrik NC5FDX-TOP

    Neutrik NC5FDX-TOP

    5 pole female chassis connector, TRUE OUTDOOR PROTECTION (TOP)

    Our Vendors


    NeutrikAG is an international company with 40 years of history.It has rich practical experience in the innovation of electrical interconnection and electronic interconnection products and systems manufacturing.


    REAN is a brand that has an origin from the Great Britain. It manufactures advanced appliance and electronic connectors. It was acquisited by Nuetrik in 1998 and has become one of the outstanding product lines within Neutirk Group.


    China's TV broadcas"Yongsheng" is a leading brand in China with more than 30 years of manufacturing experience in connectors industry